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[Dodgers Roster]

Fresh from the fishwrap, your 1998 L.A. Dodgers (projected roster, anyways):

Ramon Martinez
Chan Ho Park
Ismael Valdes
Hideo Nomo
Darren Driefort

The way I see it, Chan Ho might be a 20-game winner. I hope I'm not expecting too much from him, since it's only his 2nd full year in the rotation, but he's gonna be the future ace of this staff. Ramon is fully recovered from his injury and is throwing bullets, he'll have a great year. Driefort's a stud, Valdes needs to get his mental problems under control (and get some run support), and I predict Hideo Nomo will be on the disabled list or in the bullpen by May. Maybe sooner.

Darren Hall
Frank Lankford
Mark Guthrie
Scott Radinsky
Dennis Reyes
Antonio Osuna

Lankford impressed everybody this spring, let's hope he continues to shine. Osuna wasn't all that overwhelming, so I think he'll end up sharing closer duty with Radinsky, which is just as well. Bill Russell's fixation with a shaky closer last year cost us the division.

Mike Piazza
Tom Prince

Not much needs to be said here, except "MIKE, PLEASE RE-SIGN, ASAP!"

Eric Karros
Eric Young
Jose Vizcaino
Todd Zeile
Paul Konerko
Wilton Guerrero
Juan Castro

All Dodger fans everywhere are (or should be) hoping that Konerko plays Lou Gehrig to Karros's Wally Pipp. EK might find himself on the bench when he gets back, or perhaps Konerko will find himself in the outfield. Regardless, Paul is going to be the Ddogers 6th ROY of the decade. I want solid OBP's out of Vizcaino and Young, but I'm not holding my breath. And I'd like to see Zeile improve somewhat on that lousy April and May he had last year, but again I'm not holding my breath.

Raul Mondesi
Todd Hollandsworth
Roger Cedeno
Matt Luke
Thomas Howard
Trenidad Hubbard
Mike Devereaux

Cedeno still needs to prove himself, and starting the season the DL is not the best way. I still can't believe Hollandsworth got protected in the draft instead of Karim Garcia, but he had a nice spring, so all we can do is adopt a wait-and-see position on him. I expect Raul to have another 30-30 year and Matt Luke might continue the Dodgers recent Rule V success stories. Can someone please tell me where the hell Thomas Howard and Trenidad Hubbard came from? Who are these guys? As for Mike Devereaux, I just wish we had him about nine years ago. Oh wait...

So there you go. Do you all think this is a world championship roster or what? With some chemistry and a few breakthrough/career years here and there, I think this team definitely has the stuff to be champs. Of course, we've been saying that for four years now...

--Dan The Man.

This article was taken from the LA Dodgers Newsgroup